O U R   T E A M

We are a team of motorsport racing and technology enthusiast that have come together to develop safety, Racetrack/Circuiting, marshalling and communication solutions, precise and reliable for competitors and event organizers alike.

Our ample experience as amateur competitors, event organizers and promoters, and passionate followers of motorsport competitions provide us with vision and understanding of the needs and challenges of the industry and, combined with a knowledgeable development team, the technological capabilities to address them.

Through continuous investment in R&D and the support of industry experts and engineers, we have developed a series of innovative marshalling solutions:

  • Racer and E-Flag Racer for Racetrack/Circuit events
  • Sirius and Sirius Rally Racetrack/Circuiterfor rally and cross country racing
  • CRS for regularity racing

We provide safety and real time Racetrack/Circuiting, safety and marshalling solutions for most Racetrack/Circuit, rally and off-road competitions anywhere around the world.