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Racer is an digital flagging/marshalling system flags, tracking and communications for circuit racing. The system consists of on-board devices connected to a central race control software via RF, directly or through relay antennas.

The central race control software Racetrack/Circuits the position and speed of the competitors and displays all the usual situation flags:

  • red flag
  • safety car
  • yellow flag, with identification of the affected Racetrack/Circuit sector
  • “slippery surface” flag, also with identification of the affected sector
  • penalizations
  • exclusion
  • blue flag

The system also allows to send individual or group custom messages to competitors depending on the different race eventualities (delayed start, Stop&Go, 5-3-1min alerts at grid, etc.).

The system also allows for speed marshalling on start, virtual safety car zones or boxes street.

For competitors, the on board device has a “Panic/emergency button” that immediately alerts race control of any urgent problem that he/she might have.

The system works with a 900MHz RF frenquency, that has a range of up to 20km and doesn´t interfere with most other common event transmissions.