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Sirius Rally Racetrack/Circuiter app is FIA-approved marshalling and safety system that allows rally organizers to Racetrack/Circuit, communicate and control competitors through their mobile phones.

The Race Control software allows race organizers to Racetrack/Circuit competitors in real time and establish two-way communications (red flags, custom messages, emergency alerts, etc) with them, as well as to manage the sign-up and registration process. Event organizers can easily adapt the system anywhere they choose to compete, since it allows to manually design the stages or import them from kmz/kml files.

For competitors, the app allows them to send emergency (SOS) or alerts (OK) messages while racing, as well as receiving race-specific messages from Race Control.

Its main benefits are:

    - Increased safety for competitors on the road
    - Better control of events for organizers
    - Improved and quicker response to events and emergencies
    - Better communications between race control and competitors
    - Cost-effective and user friendly
    - total autonomy for the organization to manage its events

The system is designed as a web-based saas (software as a service) model that only requires a PC with an internet connection. The app is available for Android and iOS/iPhone phones and even works in low coverage areas.

Its main features are:
    - Competitor registration and “ok to run” authorizations
    - Highly detailed interactive road/Racetrack/Circuit design and Racetrack/Circuiting map
    - Real-time positioning and status of all competitors
    - Bi-directional communications
    - Red flags
    - Custom messages
    - Emergencies and alerts
    - Delayed SOS/OK triggering to avoid false alerts
    - Different user profiles/access privileges
    - Event reports and logs
    - no need for dedicated devices nor additional conections on the vehicles