Rally and Cross Country   Racetrack/Circuit   Regularity

Sirius is a safety, communications and Racetrack/Circuiting system for rally and cross country competitions homologated by the FIA. Since it relies on satellite and GPRS technologies, it can be used worldwide.

The devices are mounted in the competitorís vehicles and are monitored on a PC by the event organization. The system maintains the event authorities updated on the location and status of all vehicles at all times. If necessary, the organizers can send general or individual to competitors due to race eventualities.

The control software interface is simple and user friendly. The main part of the screen is a map that shows the GPS location of the vehicles during the competition, identifying their status: green normal, yellow alert and red emergency.

For the racing crew, the device allows them to inform race control of emergencies in case of an accident or alert them due to different situations, as well as signal other vehicles to overtake them or warn them if they are moving slowly.

The emergency function allows to the crew to alert race control if itís due to fire, a medical situation or other reason that helps to deploy the required assistance. The device is triggered automatically in case the vehicle overturns or decelerates suddenly due to a crash.

The overtake/proximity function allows the crew to alert a vehicle moving in front that they are going to surpass them or, on the contrary, let other approaching competitors know that their own vehicle is moving slowly.

For off-road and Cross Country competitions, the Sirius system is also suited with navigation, way point validation, neutralization and speed control functionality.

Other features of the system is that it allows organizations to control and marshall the competitorís speed and itinerary during the road book verification and recce stages on the previous days of the competition, it allows to set up virtual chicanes and take partial time during race stages.